Autism Works helps to equip youth who are on the spectrum with tools for functioning in the “real world”. Our daughter has been able to transfer much of the content she has learned at Autism Works into her daily routine, from conversational skills to etiquette to non-verbal cues. The instructors and staff at Autism Works do an excellent job of providing a safe haven where young people on the spectrum can share experiences and learn together. In addition to the regularly-scheduled weekly sessions, Autism Works sponsors occasional game nights and social activities that provide youngsters with further opportunities to interact. The life skills she has learned while attending Autism Works have helped our daughter to become more confident and functional at home, at school, and in other social settings.

David S.

Autism Works was recommended to us when our son was first diagnosed with autism at age 5, and we immediately signed up for Social Skills classes.  He is now 8 years old, and those classes have been invaluable to us.  I have noticed a lot of growth in the way he engages with his peers and adults, even on topics that are not especially interesting to him.  He has also learned some great tools and techniques for conflict resolution and self-regulation.  Having that opportunity for him to focus on those skills that do not come naturally has made a huge difference for him.

The teachers and staff at Autism Works are amazing, and I am so thankful that they have programs that will allow my son to continue to get the support he needs for many years to come.  I am also thankful for the network of other families that truly understand our situation and are able to offer guidance from their own experiences.

Mary T.

I can never thank Autism Works enough for what you have done for my son.  I shudder to think what his high school years could have been like without Sabrina’s knowledge and guidance. He has learned and matured so much through your weekly classes.  He is applying to attend the Propel program at UMKC this fall and I don’t think he would have been able to accomplish this without you and your programs.  We are forever indebted.

Stephanie C

Our 15 year old son, who happens to have Autism, has been attending the Autism Works Social Group on Monday nights for about 2 years. Any parent of a child on the spectrum knows, social issues are a major concern for our children. Even though many of us are aware of this, there just aren’t enough social group opportunities around. I heard about Autism Works in Liberty and although we live on the south side of Lee’s Summit, I thought we’d give it a try.

We have been very pleased with the Social Group led by Sabrina VanBuskirk, a licensed and experienced therapist. The cost is very reasonable compared to other therapies my son has received. But not only does Autism Works offer several Social Groups for various ages, but they also offer events for the families. We have attended various parties, outings, parent seminars and lunch meetings. I highly recommend Autism Works.

Regina Y

We have a 15 y/o son who has been attending Autism Works for about 2 years. We are so grateful for the services he receives at Autism Works and feel that he has benefited tremendously from the Social Skills that Sabrina teaches each week. Our whole family has enjoyed events such as fund raising Spaghetti dinners, bowling, family night and parent’s night out as well as other extra-curricular activities. Our son has made friends and we feel we have a community of support. The guest speakers are always great and we have learned from them how to be Advocates for our son. Dessarey works so hard to make Autism Works a success and to provide great speakers, events and a place where our children can learn but also have a great time.

Karen C

We are very thankful for the social skills classes offered by Autism Works. In the brief time that our son has been involved in the social skills classes, he has begun to learn new and better ways of social interaction. The social skills class sessions provide the participants the opportunity to learn, and model, effective behavior in a real social setting.

Steve C

My son has been going to Autism Works since 2012, when he was referred there by his Developmental Pediatrician for social skills classes. The classes have been extremely helpful to him, and it’s great that he has a place to go and meet with kids who are dealing with the same challenges.

Since he started he has progressively gotten better at engaging in family conversations, even on topics that he thinks are boring 🙂  The classes are very structured and help to teach him to manage and engage in the very daily situations the he struggles with.

I’m so glad we found Autism Works. There are so few places in the area that offer these services and I truly hope they will be around for a long time to help other families.

Mindy S

The parent support groups have helped us so much it’s hard to put it into words.  For the first 18 years of our son’s life we had zero support from anyone else who even had a clue to what we were going through.  Once we moved here though we found a lot of other parents who truly got what we were going through.  They understood when I would say, “and my son thinks I control all the traffic lights and can just make them change because he wants them to”.  The parent’s night out support group has been great for both of us, I think it’s really good for the dad’s to get to talk to other dads who are dealing with a not always pleasant teen age boy with autism.  The mom’s brunch support group has also been very supportive, I often feel like I’m helping a mom with a child who is younger since I’ve already been there done that and got the t shirt.  Overall these support groups are priceless to us, we’ve made several friends and know there’s nothing we can say about our son that they can almost always relate to.

Christy H

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